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Measure B - Pension Plan Amendments
(updated 12/18/15)

Reach Agreement on Measure B Framework Agreement

December 15, 2015

AFSCME (along with several other bargaining units) and the City of San Jose have reached a framework agreement for settling litigation associated with Measure B. The full framework agreement can be downloaded at the link below:

Federated Alternative Pension Reform Settlement Framework

Overview of Measure B Settlement Terms

Summary of Measure B vs. Settlement


City Proposed Modifications to Measure B

Download the City's proposed Charter amendment to modfiy Measure B.
At August 5, 2014, City Council decided to direct Staff to continue
the meet and confer process, and not place this measure on the ballot.
DROPPED by the City.


Implementation of Measure B

Full Text of Measure B

On June 5, 2012, voters of San José passed Measure B – “The Sustainable Retirement Benefits and Compensation Act.” Contrary to what has been widely reported in the media, this so-called “pension reform” measure was not anywhere close to being overwhelmingly approved by the voters of San José. The facts speak for themself –

Measure B Voter Results
YES – 69.02% - 95,716 votes
NO – 30.98% - 42,964 votes
Total Votes Cast – 138,680

Population of San José: 971,372
Registered Voters in San José: 386,804 (39.82% of the population)

Only 24.75% of registered voters supported Measure B! Overall, less than 10% of the residents of San José supported the illegal pension reform measure placed on the June ballot by a majority of the City Council. A legal proposal made by a non-management, rank-and-file coalition was not even considered by City Council. The coalition’s proposal strived to reach an agreement to prevent taxpayers from footing the bill for an unnecessary ballot measure and the city's costly legal fees. The proposal made by the coalition is the best solution for San José because it saves taxpayers billions of dollars, is legal and puts the city's budget on a sustainable course for the future.

Currently Measure B is being reviewed in court. Updates on those cases will be posted here as they become available.

City Council Implementation of Terms and Conditions Regarding Pension Benefits and Retiree Healtchare


Measure B Lawsuits

Download the complaint for breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit.

Download the City's lawsuit against MEF, the POA, IAFF, and IFPTE.

Download AFSCME's lawsuit against the City.
Download the stipulation that prevents implementation of Measure B no sooner than July 1, 2014.

Download AFSCME's Pretrial Brief.
Download AFSCME's Post Trial Brief.
Download AFSMCE's proposed Statement of Decision.
Download Judge Lucas' tentative decision on Measure B.
Download AFSCME's Objection to Tentative Decision
Download Jude Lucas' final decision on Mesure B.
Summary of Measure B Final Decision

Download the POA's Measure B complaint against the City.

Download the Attorney General and POA's in quo warranto lawsuit against the City

Download the Firefighter's lawsuit against the City.

Download IFPTE Local 21's lawsuit against the City.

PERB on Measure B: City Violated the Law When it Failed to Meet and Confer in Good Faith.


Miscellaneous Measure B Documents

Retirement/Measure B

Retirement/Vested Rights Information

Court Cases Supporting Vested Rights

Union Correspondence


City Correspondence


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