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MEF Membership
(updated 12/11/15)

Becoming a member of MEF is easy. Just click here and fill in the MEF MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION. Print and return it to the Union office at 1150 North First St., Suite #101, San José, CA 95112, or ask a steward to return it for you.

Click here to update your contact information (address, phone, email, etc.).

Download and print a Member CONTACT form.
You will need to print and return the form to a Union representative.
It can also be mailed to the Union Office at
MEF, AFSCME Local 101
1150 North First Street, Suite 101
San Jos
é, CA 95112
or faxed to 408-998-0451

What does my Union do for me?

Many employees may wonder at times, "What does my union do for me?" The answer to that question is simple: benefits, security, retirement and a voice. Without organized labor, we would not be able to enjoy the benefits that we have today. If you have ever worked outside of the City, you know that many employers do not offer the compensation packages that we have. We enjoy medical, dental, and vision care benefits that may private sector employers do not provide for their employees. Among other benefits, we receive paid sick leave and accrue vacation time on each paycheck. Additionally, when retiring after 15 years of service with the City we receive full retiree medical benefits for ourselves and our spouse. Most importantly, we have bargaining rights.

Weingarten Rights for Potential Discipline Situations

Did you know that you have the right to have a Union Steward present if you are called into a meeting that could lead to disciplinary action?

Most Managers and Supervisors remind the employee of this right. However, if they do not, and at any time during the conversation, meeting or discussion the employee has a "reasonable expectation" that disciplinary action may be taken, they may request the meeting be postponed until a Union Steward can attend. This right does not extend to meetings that are called to discuss work performance issues where no questioning or current discipline is involved.

Your 2008 MEF Contract Negotiations Team succeeded in having Weingarten Rights contract language added to our MOA under §18.2 as follows:

18.2 When an employee is being interviewed and the employee reasonably believes that the investigative interview is likely to result in disciplinary action, the employee has the right to request to have a union representative present during the investigative interview.

These rights are commonly referred to as “Weingarten Rights” after the 1975 U.S. Supreme Court case involving a store clerk who worked for the J. Weingarten store in Houston, Texas. In this case the clerk was denied Union representation by the employer - which the Supreme Court ruled was illegal.

More details about your Weingarten Rights can be found by clicking here.


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