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Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality
(updated 9/13/13)


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We are under attack from billionaires who have been using the ballot box as a battleground for workers’ rights. Whether these super-rich politicos run for the state’s top office or push anti-worker initiatives like Prop 32, their aim is clear: they want to do away with our workplace rights, our retirement security and even our jobs in order to make a few more bucks.

It’s no surprise that these corporate fat cats have deep pockets to fund their pet projects and political campaigns. But together, we can knock out their corporate agenda and fight back when we flex our political muscle with AFSCME PEOPLE, our union’s political action fund.

Check the video below about what AFSCME PEOPLE can do to elect pro-worker leaders at the state and local levels. Chip in just $2 a week to become a PEOPLE MVP.

We need to make sure that we send lawmakers to Sacramento who will support and devote more resources to job creation, education improvements and a re-investment in public services. Thanks to AFSCME PEOPLE, we can make that a reality.

We are in the fight for our lives and we need your help.

AFSCME PEOPLE contributions help us to hold elected officials accountable—whether friendly or not—through elections and citizens initiatives across the United States. Without a strong PEOPLE program, anti-worker politicians can take us out of the game altogether.

Please give to PEOPLE.

You can't afford not to.

In solidarity,
Brian Weeks
Director, AFSCME Political Action

What is PEOPLE?

PEOPLE is AFSCME’s legislative/political action program. PEOPLE is Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality.

PEOPLE is also the official name of AFSCMEs political action committee and is registered with the Federal Election Commission. Federal law and some state laws prohibit the use of union dues money to support political candidates. Campaign contributions by AFSCME to these candidates must come from a separate voluntary fund.

Why Do We Need PEOPLE?

Your PEOPLE contributions are used to support politicians who understand the needs and concerns of working families. Your PEOPLE dollars strengthen our ability to influence politics and policy at all levels of government. Your PEOPLE dollars also help protect your job and quality of life. As workers who provide important services to the public, we are faced with special problems. Politicians and others frequently use public employees as scapegoats to justify layoffs, contracting out, closing facilities, etc. Those of us who are retired AFSCME members also face attacks on our hard-earned retirement benefits. Through the political process we can have a voice in setting important public policy. Through the political process public employees can elect politicians who are sensitive to maintaining vital public services and dealing with workers fairly.

PEOPLE dollars do NOT go to one political party. PEOPLE dollars are used to support candidates who understand the needs and concerns of labor and working families. PEOPLE politicians are men and women who respect public employees and believe in the work that we do regardless of political affiliation. Moreover, by law Union dues CANNOT be used to support political candidates. However, the law does allow public employees to voluntarily contribute politically through the PEOPLE Program.

Your ability to gain at the bargaining table is directly related to your past gains politically. AFSCME PEOPLE is our vehicle to get the job done.

Gerald W. McEntee, Past International President

PEOPLE at Work

It all starts with you, AFSCME PEOPLE works so members can have a say in their own destiny. We work for a better quality of life for ourselves, our families, our communities.

Raising volunteer PEOPLE dollars is hard, but necessary work. PEOPLE dollars help fuel this Union’s legislative and political programs. It takes hard-earned PEOPLE dollars to get the job done.

AFSCME PEOPLE knows that if we sit back and do nothing there will be more cutbacks, more privatization, and more heartache for those least able to care for themselves.

How to Give to PEOPLE

Payroll deductions or PEOPLE Check-Off is the easiest, most reliable and most important source of PEOPLE funds. That's because PEOPLE Check-Off makes voluntary contributions routine. Click on the AFSCME PEOPLE logo below to download a deduction authorization form.



Download an AFSCME PEOPLE Authorization Form


Return the Completed Form to Any Union Steward, Officer, or Business Agent.

For more information contact:
Jason Haenel
Political Action Rep.
AFSCME International

1121 L Street, Ste 904
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 441-1570


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